People who know us, call us the "Recruiting Pros"

Caprio & Associates has developed a new program that will attact top sales people to your company. We guarantee if you use this program that you will increase the number of top sales people you  interview and hire.  Send me an email to discuss this program or give me a call   Jerry Caprio  President

We believe that our success comes from our mission statement that states"We are committed to placing the right person, in the right position, at the right time."

We are here to help you find that right candidate.

Caprio& Associates offers recruitment dedicated to identifying, locating, evaluating and securing top talent quickly.

We commit our resources in a total effort to help fill your specific needs.

Specializing in your industry gives us the ability to understand your specific needs, and to get in touch with the right people. We are the "pros" in your industry.

Our services are offered in the following order.

Retained search work, contingency searches and contract employment.

This will be explained in more details, once we have evaluated your specific needs.

Please call us 630-258-7256 or send us an E-Mail for additional details:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also please look at my profile on Google.  Thank you!

Press Releases:

For All of Us: Someone You Should Get To Know!!

 Whether we work to make a difference; work to build a legacy; or, simply do what we do because we are passionate about our endeavors, my good friend Jerry is an example to us all. I clipped this from his recent Recruiters Corner Newsletter.

 I have known Jerry for a number of years; he is well into the very wisest chapters of professional advice and his keen assessment of people and their intentions have kept him in steady demand as an executive recruiter. Jerry ís passion: print and packaging; however, do not underestimate his wisdom in picking natural talent for any organization in any industry.

Give him a call at 630.258-7256, or drop a line to jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Never mind that 2019 is upon us; now, as always, is a good time to consider jump starting your sales and marketing initiatives. Lets  face it; good people will make all the difference in achieving your business and personal aspirations. Jerry Caprio is all about good people.

I would like to thank each of you personally for the support and friendship you have provided over the past several years. Central Star Dynamics has had a fruitful and, to understate the situation, a very interesting year. 2017 will toll some exciting bells.

On with results,

Larry Martinelli


Caprio & Associates Code of ethics

1. All searches are conducted in a highly professional manner with promptness, completeness and thoroughness without regard to age, race, religion, marital status, or sex.

2 All searches are held in the strictest of confidentiality.

3. As your partner, we invest the time to understand each client's values, philosophy, requirements and climate and cultural needs. This will assure making the right decision for you.

4. Caprio & Associates will provide you with a background check if requested before the offer is extended.

5. Caprio & Associates Consultants does not recruit from active client companies.

6. Caprio & Associates Consultants will not recruit a candidate that they have placed for as long as they are with that company.

7. Candidates are interviewed personally whenever possible or by extensive, multiple telephone contacts.

8. Caprio & Associates will negotiate salary and benefits in the best interest of the employer.

9. Caprio & Associates recruiters will make every effort to meet all employers.